01. The student [collapsed] in the hallway and had to be taken to the nurse's office.
02. The seating in the gymnasium [collapsed] during the basketball game because the students were jumping up and down on it.
03. Firefighters had to abandon their efforts to fight the fire because the building was in danger of [collapsing].
04. The bridge [collapsed] during the flood.
05. Many buildings [collapsed] during the earthquake.
06. An old woman [collapsed] on the bus and had to be rushed to the hospital.
07. Peace talks with guerrillas [collapsed] after a bomb exploded in the capital, killing over 40 people.
08. These chairs can be [collapsed] for easy storage.
09. As they exhaust all their fuel, all stars eventually face [collapse].
10. Joseph Goebbels murdered his six children and committed suicide after the [collapse] of the Nazi regime during World War Two.
11. On September 11th, 2001, the twin towers of the World Trade Center completely [collapsed] shortly after they were struck by airliners hijacked by terrorists.
12. Avocado trees sometimes [collapse] under the weight of their fruit.
13. A dozen people were injured, and two killed when a bridge [collapsed] as a result of the earthquake.
14. Part of a major highway [collapsed] during the earthquake in Kobe some years ago.
15. In 1980, during a concert tour, reggae singer Bob Marley [collapsed] on stage; he died 8 months later from brain cancer.
16. Following the [collapse] of communism in Europe, the people of Serbia voted to retain their Socialist government.
17. In 1995, a department store in Seoul, Korea [collapsed], killing 502 people.
18. Azerbaijan has been an independent republic since the [collapse] of the Soviet Union in 1991.
19. We took some [collapsible] chairs with us to use around the campfire when we went camping.
20. If that building ever [collapses] during an earthquake, hundreds of people will be killed.
21. Morris Bergman once suggested that the current [collapse] of industrial society may well be the planet's way of avoiding a larger death.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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